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posted 25 Jun 2019, 11:07 by Saint Charalambos   [ updated 26 Jun 2019, 11:58 ]

Our church depends on you, our members. The Orthodox Church in the UK is not supported directly by the government of UK or the governments of Greece/Cyprus. Nor is there any central church fund. Our Churches here are financially independent and self-funded by the community that they serve. So, in this church, all the costs of running and maintenance are met entirely by contributions from the people who attend.


The Gift Aid scheme

If you work in the UK and pay tax, the church, as a registered charity, can claim back 25% (the Standard Rate of Tax + 5%) from the government for any contribution you make through the Gift Aid scheme (as long as your contributions for the year do not exceed the tax you pay in the year). So at no extra cost to you, your donation is increased to us by 25%.


For example, if you give a £10 Gift Aid donation to the church, the church claims back the 25% tax and increases your donation to £12.50. Fill in a Gift Aid Form and be sure to write your full address & Post Code and sign and date it.


Standing Orders

Standing orders are particularly helpful, as they provide the parish with a predictable, steady income, which helps us to plan more effectively. If you are able to make regular monthly payments, then complete a Standing Order form and give it to your bank.



All baptised members of the Orthodox Church are entitled to become members of the parish. Please complete the membership form. There is a nominal fee of £6.00, per year, which can be paid by gift aid. This needs to be renewed each year in June, the end of the Church financial year. As a member, you can participate fully in the development of the parish, and we can communicate with you more easily.