"Welcome one another, just as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God."

(Romans 15:7)

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Brick-by-brick fund raising appeal

Dear friends in Christ

As you may already know, we have successfully obtained Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent from Central Bedfordshire Council for some considerable building works at our Church. We want to raise funds for the building programme; overall, we need £300,000 to complete this project. We want to offer you the opportunity to name a brick in the new Church Hall. Every friend of St Charalambos can buy one or more bricks and engrave a tribute they wish on the surface. It could simply yours and your family’s names or commemorate a loved one.

Sign up and buy your brick today and in return you will have your name, or message, engraved on your brick.

Each brick with engraving will cost £500.00. Whatever words you choose will forever be part of St Charalambos Church Hall and a testament to a moment of our Church. There is a limit of 32 characters per block (including punctuation marks and spaces).

At every Service we will be praying for the benefactors of the Church, both living and departed, and asking God to bless them abundantly.