& Other occasional Services

For baptisms, weddings, funerals, memorial services, house blessings, churching of babies, bringing Holy Communion to the sick and homebound and visiting the grave of a loved one in a nearby cemetery, please email or ring to make an appointment and get further instructions or speak to the parish clergy or a member of the Church Committee after the service. Such services can be celebrated in whatever language is most suitable for the families and communities concerned: English, Greek, Romanian, Slavonic.

Fees for Sacraments & Other Services celebrated at our church are listed below.

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Find out more about having a Baptism in our church.

2. WEDDINGS ( ΓΑΜΟΙ) £200.00

Please note that the civil marriage service at the church is an additional fee of £100.00

Please also note that if we at the church are applying for the wedding license from the Archdiocese, there’s an additional cost of £100.00

Some helpful tips for those planning their wedding ceremony in our church

3. FUNERALS ( ΚΗΔΕΙΕΣ) £200.00

Please also note that if a wedding or funeral takes place outside the church buliding, then there is a surcharge of £50.00. In order for a service to take place outside of the church, we need a special license from His Eminence the Archbishop. Please also note that whilst a funeral service might take place in the cemetery chapel, this is not ideal; also, please remember that the Orthodox Church does not support Cremation and performing a funeral service for someone who has chosen to be cremated may take place only by special dispensation and following a special license from His Eminence the Archbishop.

Things you should know before planning a funeral for your loved one.


Please note that Memorial services cannot be held from the Saturday of Lazarus until the Sunday of Thomas (inclusive); nor on the holy days between Christmas and Theophany, on Pentecost Sunday, and on all Holy Days of Our Lord (Despotikai eortai) and the Dormition of the Mother of God (15th August).