Many of us are bewildered by approaching death and confused by the possibilities presented to us when we are faced with the need to plan a funeral.

If you are recently bereaved we do offer you our condolences and hope that we may be able to offer you our support and help at this time.

A funeral service at church is usually arranged with the funeral directors instructed by the family of the deceased, as they liaise with the cemetery in respect of their availability for the committal to take place. It is not the practice of the Orthodox Church to cremate the dead. For further information please speak to the priest.

Please note that playing music — whether live or recorded — inside the church is not permitted.

Prayer services are offered for the dead on the day of their repose (day 1) and on the 3rd and 9th day after their passing. Plain boiled wheat is prepared and the priest with family members offers the prayers known as the ‘trisagio’ prayers for the repose of the soul and the forgiveness of sins.

The first memorial service takes place, where possible, on the Sunday before the 40th day. Further memorial services then take place on the 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 1 year anniversaries, again, where possible on the Sundays preceding these dates. For the memorial services kolliva is prepared by family members and brought to the church with the name of the deceased which is commemorated at the Divine Liturgy and in the memorial service at the end of the Divine Liturgy.